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Alice Chan

Alice, King Ying Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with the Diploma and Advance Diploma in Performing Arts (Cantonese Opera) in 2001 and 2003, specializing in xiao wu, wu sheng. At HKAPA, her performances included ' Ping Gui Bids Farewell ', ' Matchmaking of Gu-ying Mu ', ' Fifth Brother Rescuing Sixth Brother ' from Yang Family Warriors and 'Journey in Moonlight to Retain Wise Counsellor' from Chu Han Conflict. She also represented the HKAPA to participate in 'Berlin China Festival 2001' in Germany, playing the role of Xuanzang in 'Journey to the West; Monkey King & the Skeleton Demon'.

She was active in Canadian-Chinese Cantonese Opera groups in Canada for more than 20 years. In 2002, she was invited to perform in " an Enchanting Evening of Cantonese Opera", which held in Montreal, by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region.

She has been the co-leader for the Starlight Cantonese Opera Group since 2003. In 2009, as associate director for the Starlight Chinese Opera Group, she ran various seminars, workshops for kids, starlets training class and performances to actively promote Chinese Opera in the Community.

Starlight Chinese Opera

Artistic Advisor and Consultant

Director & President

Associate Director and Instructor

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