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Alice Chan

Alice Chan is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majored in Cantonese Opera. She was trained with a number of Chinese Opera Masters like the famous Cantonese Opera artist the Late Dr. Lam Ka Sing, musician Soong Kam Wing, Luo Pin Chao; Chinese Opera teachers from China like Hu Zhi Feng, Lau Shun, Zhang Yan Yan, Pei Yanling, Hu Hua Zhi….etc. This has widened her spectrum in performing.

Alice is currently the director and instructor of the Starlight Chinese Opera Performing Arts Centre, a non-profit organization with the mission to attract more public interest to the art of Chinese Opera. She is responsible for teaching, coordinating performances and promotion. In 2010, Alice decide to carry on the arts to the next generation, giving weekly classes to the young kids (name as Starlets). Now they have been grouped as a troupe and perform annually in Toronto. Alice is pioneer and founded the first Cantonese opera training courses for kids in Ontario. Over the past years, Alice also has successfully organized numerous public seminars and professional performances in Toronto.

The seminars were educational and conducted by master level speakers like the late Dr. Lam Ka Sing, Dr Fredric Mao, Dr Li Xiao Liang and Dr Chan Chak Lui.

In 2016, Alice implemented the showcase performance by the HongKong Academy for Performing Arts Youth Troupe. The troupe and students were invited from HongKong to come and lead the stage performance, accompanied by local Starlight actors and Starlets. The event was successful and was held annually in 2017 and 2018. Alice is the person behind the scenes to make all these happened.

With the support from the community and her vision, Alice hopes that the cultural heritage of Cantonese Opera will be able to carry forward in Canada.

Starlight Chinese Opera

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Director & President

Associate Director and Instructor

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