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Cantonese Opera Artistic Performer
Founder and President of Starlight Cantonese Opera;
President of Scarborough Senior Chinese Dramatic Association 2005-2007;
Member of Canada (KW) Music & Arts Center

Marianne receives her artistic training from Master Lam Kar Sing, Master Mak Sin Sing, Master Sung Kam Wing, Master Hu Zi-Feng, Master Zhang Yan Yan, Master Huang Yu- Ching, and Master Hu Wah-Chi.

Since 1993, she has been actively participating in Cantonese Opera performances such as the annual shows organized by Canada (KW) Music and Arts Centre, Yi Sheng Cantonese Opera Association; Scarborough Senior Chinese Dramatic Association, and other fund raising events by different organizations.

With the passion she has in the Opera, in 2000, she established her own troupe the "Starlight Cantonese Opera". At the anniversary year of 2001, she staged her premiere full opera show "Kidnapping the Wrong Bride", and thereafter in 2003 "The Male and Female Marshall", 2004 " The Love Defies the Merciless Sword", 2005 " Love Versus Piety" , 2007 "The Butterfly Lovers", 2009 "The Musketeer at the Palace" & 2010 "War and Never Ending Love". For the first 2 performances she played the female role of Fa Dan and Wu Dan. From 2004 and thereafter she played the male role as San. In her artistic road of performances, she has fulfilled her dream of acting with different presentation.

Starlight Chinese Opera

Apart from performances for her owe troupe, she had actively participated in community events such as performing at the Harbour Front Centre's "The Rhythm of the World"; at Royal Ontario Museum for Chinese New Year Festival; at the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Markham Civic Center; Mississuaga Arts Festival; Chinese Cultural Centre of the Greater Toronto; Canada's Year of Asia Pacific 1997 at the John Bassett Theatre; Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care; Mon Sheong Geriatric Care Centre; Tendercare Centre, Scarborough Town Centre; China Town Centre. She also participated in the "The White Snake Legend" organized by the Chinese Opera Group;

Starlight Chinese Opera            Starlight Chinese Opera

Artistic Advisor and Consultant

Director & President

Associate Director and Instructor

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