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Biography of Mr. Kam Wing Soong

Mr. Soong was born in China in 1939 and become new immigrant to Toronto in 1992. Mr. Soong is a musical artist and was taught by his father to play traditional Chinese instruments from a very young age. These instruments are used primarily in music associated with the art of Chinese Opera. His remarkable talents have led him to be one of the most well-known Chinese musicians in the field.

Passionate for the Chinese musical arts and his new home country, Mr. Soong has his goal to retain the art and expand its practices within the Chinese community in the Greater Toronto Area. In 1992, he opened a school in Markham to teach Chinese opera and its related performances, and has been teaching ever since. His education centre and spectacular reputation continues to grow not only in Markham, but also in areas as far as those in China.

Besides teaching and putting on shows in the community, Mr. Soong has unconditionally helped raise a tremendous amount of money for a variety of worthwhile associations and charitable organizations. These include the Yee Hong Seniors Centre, the Support Enhance Access Services Centre and Tsunami relief charities, just to name a few.

Mr. Soong has come a long way since his immigration to Canada. And clearly, it is undeniable that while bringing along his learned expertise in Chinese opera, he has effectively and wholeheartedly used his talents to bring about development and maintenance of the Chinese cultural arts in the Canadian community. He has also used his talents to contribute to many charitable and worthy causes. Mr. Soong's undying dedication to the Chinese musical arts and his community therefore makes him the perfect candidate for the Mayor's Seniors Hall of Fame Award 2006.

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